Read This If You Don’t Like Sex

The clitoris is the only organ in the human body that only exists to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

I’ll say that again. The clitoris is the only organ in the human body designed EXCLUSIVELY for pleasure. It has 14 more nerve connections than the penis. Fourteen!!!

And yet, only 1 out of 4 women can orgasm during sex. Can you believe it?

That’s because most sex positions (and men) they don’t stimulate the clitoris.

Sex experts know that every woman should have a vibrator, but most women feel ashamed to get one and most men feel uncomfortable with sharing their partner with a device…

The result? Lame sex.

Before I invented the Viberry I wasn’t so much into sex.

I remember thinking that sex with my boyfriend wasn’t worth the effort of getting undressed. Sounds bad… But most women think the same.

The penis inside vagina trick is not enough for us. 

It’s frustrating and it takes a toll on the relationship. You’ve probably experienced the same.

Do these symptoms seem familiar?

  • Low Libido — less and less sex

  • Fighting over Nothing — little quarrels escalating into huge fights

  • Falling into Routine — sex gets boring. Same positions. Nothing thrilling

  • Lack of Intimacy — even if you have sex, you don’t connect as much as you used to

In my case, these issues led to a painful break-up.

I wanted a solution that could make me enjoy sex. Something that could make me orgasm at the push of a button. And although Amazon sells more than 250k vibrators, most of them end up gathering dust.

TRUTH: if your vibrator is not within reach, you won’t use it.

  • If it’s not charged — you won’t use it.

  • If it takes you longer than 30 sec to find it — you won’t use it.

  • If it’s too weak — you won’t use it.

  • If it’s too big — you won’t use it.

With the Viberry I’m solving all these problems and I’m giving couples a new way of connecting sexually.


Lucy is the Founder of and the inventor of VIBERRY™ — the world's strongest toothbrush vibrator. Her goal is to empower women to orgasm more often by giving them a powerful vibrator that is discreet and always handy.

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