A 20 something-year-old student who accidentally invented a vibrator by molding clay and attaching it to the metallic tip of my toothbrush. That might sound crazy, but here’s something crazier. It worked much better than expected. Here’s why.

The Story of How Electric Toothbrushes Make Women Happy
(without knowing it)

In the 80s, a company who produced the luxury vibrator ‘The Eroscillator’  patented a movement called oscillation. In plain English, a left-right motion that, according to their patent, is

“clinically proven to be far more effective than ordinary vibrators, and to deliver more numerous, more powerful and longer lasting orgasms.”

The vibrator remained largely unknown because it’s expensive ($184.00 on Amazon) and quite ugly.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part is that this great technology went unnoticed for years.

Until now…

Since the patent only applies to sex toys, electric toothbrushes can use this amazing technology without issues.

For us, women, this means that we can transform our toothbrushes, not into just a regular vibrator, but into an amazing oscillating one.

What makes the Viberry the best vibrator I have.

1. The surface is abrasive and hard. That’s counterintuitive, I know, but it’s the best part of this toy. The hard surface makes the vibration more powerful & the side-to-side oscillation gives unique sensations.

2. You can use it over your underwear. This makes orgasming super easy. You just put a napkin inside your knickers (you’ll get super wet), lean against a wall, and orgasm in around 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

3. The design. It’s so small and innocent, I never need to worry about carrying it around. Either way, I have my brush with me when I travel, so it’s super convenient to add it to my luggage. Because I can’t reach a satisfying orgasm using my hands, the Viberry is a mood saver.




A technologically savvy adult toy inventor, Lucy, wants to change the way people think about vibrators by transforming an object we use every day — the electric toothbrush — into an object we ought to be using more often — a clitoral vibrator.

I manufacture all my items with a lot of love and consideration. VIBERRY™ is 3D printed in the UK and the boxes are handmade in a little workshop in Athens.

My toothbrush vibrator was born out of the desire to make it easier for women to enjoy the life-changing benefits of clitoral stimulation even without going through the hassle of owning a sex toy.

A successful mouth-to-mouth campaign funded my first products and I’ve been trying my best to share my knowledge with as many women as possible.

My mission is simple: to make a fun, powerful, and discreet vibrator that makes orgasming easier.

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Please send any and all media inquiries to Lucy Lake lucy(at)viberry.me

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